Aaron Leitch Interview by The Occult Bitch
Took some time to bitch about the occult with the Occult Bitch. 🙂 Snakes, scorpions, curses, and hair care tips. No, really!
Published By: The Occult Bitch
Folk Magick, Psalms, and Solomonic Conjure with Aaron Leitch by Balthazar
It’s all in the title. Great interview by Balthazar!
Published By: Balthazar’s Conjure
Solomonic Power Couple: Aaron and Carrie Leitch on Glitch Bottle
Carrie and I are the modern Dee and Kelley. I conjure the spirits, she skries them. We talk about our lives (and our history!) as a working magical couple.
Published By: Glitch Bottle
Magical Appropriation with Aaron Leitch and Rufus Opus on Glitch Bottle
I share the internet once again with Frater Rufus Opus, as we discuss the current (and absolutely senseless) controversy over “cultural appropriation” – especially where magick is concerned. Believe it or not, this was inspired by accusations that I, personally, was a cultural appropriator – for practicing the white European Solomonic Tradition!! You can’t make this stuff up, folks!
Published By: Glitch Bottle
Going Goetic: Ritual Offerings with Aaron Leitch on Glitch Bottle
Discussion about goetia and its practice. This was intended to lead to a practical discussion of how goetia is done, but we never actually got to that point – so keep an eye out for a part 2 to this one!
Published By: Glitch Bottle
Double Trouble with Aaron Leitch and Frater Rufus Opus on Glitch Bottle
I face off against that rapscallion Frater Rufus Opus in this no-holds-barred magical battle! (Or, two blow-hards tossing witty insults back and forth for no reason.)
Published By: Glitch Bottle
Aaron Leitch on Glitch Bottle: Part 1
Aaron Leitch on Glitch Bottle: Part 2

My very first interview with Alexander Eth on the Glitch Bottle Podcast! It was so lengthy, it had to be broken into two parts.
Published By: Glitch Bottle
The Spirit-Magick of Abramelin
The system of spirit-working (goetia) contained in the Book of Abramelin is hidden in a scattered fashion throughout the grimoire. While it is not at all blinded, it is presented in such a way the merely curious are likely to overlook it. And they have! In this essay, I gather the information and cover this system in detail – drawing upon my own knowledge and experience in order to present a complete and fully-functioning system of spirit-magick for those who have completed the Rite of Abramelin. Plus, as an added bonus, I have included The Magickal Word-Squares of Abramelin: Compiled and Corrected for the First Time– making the full range of the word-squares more readily accessible than ever before.
Published By: Doc Solomon’s Press
Codex Septemgenius
Codex Septemgenius means “Reference Book of the Seven-Brothers” (or septuplets) – referring to the Seven Planetary Spirits that stand before God (Rev 4:5), all One but divided into Seven. This short booklet contains the powers, correspondences, Psalms, various invocations and other considerations for the Angels and Spirits of the seven Planetary Forces.
Published By: Doc Solomon’s Press
A Course in the Tongue of Angels
A primer for the “Enochian Language” recorded by Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley in their angelic skrying sessions (1583). The course is based upon the linguistic analysis of the language found in ‘The Angelical Language’ by Fr. Aaron Leitch – especially Volume II,: ‘An Encyclopedic Lexicon of the Tongue of Angels’. It includes fourteen lessons designed to take the student from the basic principles of the language all the way to translating raw Angelical text.
Published By: Doc Solomon’s Press
Ritual Offerings: Feeding Your Spirits, Empowering Your Magick
Throughout history, ritual offerings have been the central pillar of all magick and religion. Very often, a magickal ritual consists of nothing more than the making of a prescribed offering to a particular spirit in a specified time and place. The art of making proper offerings to the spirits is a complex one, rife with strict protocols and warnings, but if you take the time to learn this ancient and powerful art, it will supercharge your magick like nothing you’ve experienced before. Ritual Offerings unites twelve practicing occultists who share their knowledge and experience with this fascinating and important subject. Traditions from around the world such as Solomonic magick, Tibetan Buddhism, New Orleans and Hatian Voudou, Western Hermetic Theurgy and more are discussed in great detail. Regardless of your tradition, Ritual Offerings will guide you in feeding your patrons and familiars safely and effectively and contribute to our overall success and growth as a practitioner.
Published By: Nephilim Press
The Lost Secrets of Western Magick Revealed
Western magick is known for excelling at theurgy (“high magick”) but doesn’t have such a good reputation for effective “low magick” (aka practical magick or witchcraft). What is missing from our traditions? In this essay I outline several ancient occult practices that you can explore to make your practical magick work better than ever before.
Published By: The Llewellyn Journal
The Holy Guardian Angel (Contributing Author)
“Whether you’ve already had contact with your HGA, or even already reached the grade of Ipsissimus in the Golden Dawn, or even are a newcomer to Hermetic magic generally, Fr. MC’s book “The Holy Guardian Angel” is going to be a wealth of information and practice for you. It’ll give you things to look forward to if you don’t yet have contact with your HGA, and it’ll give you plenty to chew on if you already do (or think you do). The book is one of the closest things we have to a textbook on working with the HGA especially when paired with things like the Book of Abramelin or Liber Samekh, but it’s also definitely one of the most approachable texts out there. To see the words and minds of these magicians put together in a single volume on a complicated subject is a treat, both intellectually and spiritually, and definitely a must-have for ceremonial magicians.” – Reader Review My contribution to this anthology is After Abramelin: Working with Your Holy Guardian Angel – whose title really says it all. (Click here to read an excerpt.)

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