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The Spirit-Magick of Abramelin
The system of spirit-working (goetia) contained in the Book of Abramelin is hidden in a scattered fashion throughout the grimoire. While it is not at all blinded, it is presented in such a way the merely curious are likely to overlook it. And they have! In this essay, I gather the information and cover this system in detail – drawing upon my own knowledge and experience in order to present a complete and fully-functioning system of spirit-magick for those who have completed the Rite of Abramelin. Plus, as an added bonus, I have included The Magickal Word-Squares of Abramelin: Compiled and Corrected for the First Time– making the full range of the word-squares more readily accessible than ever before.
Published By: Doc Solomon’s Press
Codex Septemgenius
Codex Septemgenius means “Reference Book of the Seven-Brothers” (or septuplets) – referring to the Seven Planetary Spirits that stand before God (Rev 4:5), all One but divided into Seven. This short booklet contains the powers, correspondences, Psalms, various invocations and other considerations for the Angels and Spirits of the seven Planetary Forces.
Published By: Doc Solomon’s Press
A Course in the Tongue of Angels
A primer for the “Enochian Language” recorded by Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley in their angelic skrying sessions (1583). The course is based upon the linguistic analysis of the language found in ‘The Angelical Language’ by Fr. Aaron Leitch – especially Volume II,: ‘An Encyclopedic Lexicon of the Tongue of Angels’. It includes fourteen lessons designed to take the student from the basic principles of the language all the way to translating raw Angelical text.
Published By: Doc Solomon’s Press
Ritual Offerings: Feeding Your Spirits, Empowering Your Magick
Throughout history, ritual offerings have been the central pillar of all magick and religion. Very often, a magickal ritual consists of nothing more than the making of a prescribed offering to a particular spirit in a specified time and place. The art of making proper offerings to the spirits is a complex one, rife with strict protocols and warnings, but if you take the time to learn this ancient and powerful art, it will supercharge your magick like nothing you’ve experienced before. Ritual Offerings unites twelve practicing occultists who share their knowledge and experience with this fascinating and important subject. Traditions from around the world such as Solomonic magick, Tibetan Buddhism, New Orleans and Hatian Voudou, Western Hermetic Theurgy and more are discussed in great detail. Regardless of your tradition, Ritual Offerings will guide you in feeding your patrons and familiars safely and effectively and contribute to our overall success and growth as a practitioner.
Published By: Nephilim Press
Realm of Angels by Judith Page and Aaron Leitch (Contributing Author)
‘In London 25-year-old Alan King receives an unexpected birthday legacy from his late father, a professor of archaeology who disappeared in mysterious circumstances eight years before at a ziggurat in Iraq. The gift is a grimoire – a book of magic – written, unbelievably, in his father’s hand. Alan is a diligent student of advanced experimental physics with a brilliant scientific mind and finds it hard to come to terms with his father’s seeming interest in medieval methods of summoning archangels. More worrying still is that the name of Lucifer heads the list.’ With advice from his more esoterically-minded friend Terry, Alan decides to try to enter the realm of angels on an experimental basis, seeing a connection between angels and photons. However, all is not ‘light’ and things do not go exactly as planned, with the appearance of seductive unearthly women and dark feathered creatures invading his life, while he follows the prescribed rituals and soars to meet the all-powerful archangels one by one, eventually uncovering a shattering secret.’ See my blog for excerpts from the book!
Published By: Amazon Kindle
The Holy Guardian Angel (Contributing Author)
“Whether you’ve already had contact with your HGA, or even already reached the grade of Ipsissimus in the Golden Dawn, or even are a newcomer to Hermetic magic generally, Fr. MC’s book “The Holy Guardian Angel” is going to be a wealth of information and practice for you. It’ll give you things to look forward to if you don’t yet have contact with your HGA, and it’ll give you plenty to chew on if you already do (or think you do). The book is one of the closest things we have to a textbook on working with the HGA especially when paired with things like the Book of Abramelin or Liber Samekh, but it’s also definitely one of the most approachable texts out there. To see the words and minds of these magicians put together in a single volume on a complicated subject is a treat, both intellectually and spiritually, and definitely a must-have for ceremonial magicians.” – Reader Review My contribution to this anthology is After Abramelin: Working with Your Holy Guardian Angel – whose title really says it all. (Click here to read an excerpt.)
Published By: Nephilim Press
The Essential Enochian Grimoire: Angel Magick From Dr. John Dee to the Golden Dawn
Coming February 2014! This is the first Enochian Magick book of its kind ever published. It is not a re-hash of Dee’s journal entries, nor is it about magickal theory. This grimoire – as the term implies – is a manual on how to perform the magick. This may be the first time you’re ever seen Enochian Magick presented as Dee himself would likely have performed it. This grimoire outlines Enochian cosmology, the angels and the spirits of the system, the temple setup, and the making and usage of tools. Part one covers the original Enochian system by Dee, part two covers the modern version by the Golden Dawn and rituals are provided for each. All the angels’ names are listed, along with exact instructions for summoning them and descriptions of how they should appear when summoned. This is an important resource for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike. (See my blog entry for more.)
Published By: Llewellyn: New Worlds of Mind and Spirit
Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls (Contributing Author)
This groundbreaking anthology is one of the most important Golden Dawn books published in the 21st Century to date. It is a collection of all of the “Flying Rolls” of the original Golden Dawn (these were lectures and essays mailed between adepts, on every subject from occult philosophy to practical magick to administrative rules). Each Roll is then elaborated by a commentary from a modern practitioner of the Golden Dawn tradition. What is groundbreaking is not only that all of the Flying Rolls have finally been gathered into a single printed volume, and not only that each Roll is brought into the modern world by its commentator, but also that the commentators themselves come from across the spectrum of the modern Golden Dawn Community. Over a dozen different GD Orders are represented in these pages – the first time such a massive inter-Order collaboration has ever happened! My contributions to this anthology are The Microcosm of Man (an exploration of Golden Dawn Qabalistic Psychology) and On the General and Particular Exordium of the Z Documents (An explanation of the opening lines of the Z Documents, and their Gnostic basis).
Published By: Kerubim Press
Angelic Magick: A Guide to Angelic beings and How to Walk With Them (Preface)
This is a neat little book of visualization exercises intended to introduce the seeker to the symbols, sigils and imagery associated with the Planetary Archangels. While I’m not personally the world’s biggest fan of visualization techniques, I was still impressed with the intent, scope and content of this work. Far from the usual “Newage” kind of angel visualization, the author – Judith Page – draws her material from the girmoires, John Dee’s Enochian system and the Qabalah. I think the course it outlines would be a good place to start for anyone who wishes to someday work directly with these angels. The author originally contacted me to translate some invocations into Angelical for her, and she also asked me to create a Grand Seal for a 10×10 Khamea of Malkuth. (See my blog for more on that.) Finally, she asked me write the preface – which is why her book is listed here. 🙂
Published By: Mandrake of Oxford
At the Crossroads (Contributing Author)
This book contains essays from various authors on the subject of the modern cross-semination between African Traditional Religions and Western occultism. My contribution is entitled “Folk Traditions and the Solomonic Revival.”
Published By: Scarlet Imprint
Both Sides of Heaven (Contributing Author)
This book contains many excellent articles on the subject of Angels and their Fallen counterparts. It includes my essay “The Enochians”, wherein I explain the little-known (but proper) meaning of the term “Enochian”, and then discuss the true identities of the entities with whom Dee was in contact.
Published By: Avalonia Books
Diabolical (Contributing Author)
This book contains essays from many of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of goetic magick. It includes my essay “The Spirit-Magick of Abramelin” – exploring the rarely-discussed system of spirit magick outlined toward the end of the ‘Book of Abramelin.’ Not only does it explain how the system works, but also describes Abraham’s method of creating original Magickal Word Squares.
Published By: Scarlet Imprint
The Angelical Language, Volume I: The Complete History and Mythos of the Tongue of Angels (Hardcover)
Explores the reception of the Angelical language by Dr. John Dee and skryer Sir Edward Kelley, and the Biblical mythology behind the language as related to them by the Angels. This book begins with an exploration of the mystical traditions that influenced Dee’s work (the 50 Gates of Binah, the legends of Enoch and the Book of Soyga), and continues with an in-depth study of the 49 Tables of Loagaeth (Speech From God), the 48 Angelical Keys (or Callings) and the unfolding saga surrounding them in Dee’s journals. Special added features include an analysis of the English Poetry (translations) of the 48 Keys, instructions for the magickal use of Angelical characters and a complete Angelical Psalter.
Published By: Llewellyn: New Worlds of Mind and Spirit
The Angelical Language, Volume II: The Encyclopedic Lexicon of the Tongue of Angels (Hardcover)
An exhaustive grammatical analysis of the Celestial Speech recorded by Dr. John Dee. This new work is not just another “Enochian Dictionary.” The Angelical Lexicon includes every word from the 48 Keys, all defined or related words from the Book of Loagaeth and every random Angelical word or phrase found throughout Dee’s lengthy journals. All of the words have been analyzed and cross-referenced to discover hidden word-elements and root-words. Also included are notes about the word’s pronunciation definition, history and usage- both Dee’s original marginal notations and new commentary. Also, a new pronunciation key has been invented to make reading the words much easier for the modern English speaker.
Published By: Llewellyn: New Worlds of Mind and Spirit
Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires: The Classical Texts of Magick Deciphered
My first full-length book! An in-depth exploration of the history of Western magick, leading up to the Solomonic tradition and how the classical grimoires can be used by the modern magus or psychonaut to explore the Self and the Magickal Universe. The above link takes you to the book’s homepage, where you can read the first chapter, reader reviews, further grimoire essays, grimoire links, etc.
Published By: Llewellyn: New Worlds of Mind and Spirit

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