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Aaron Leitch Interview by The Occult Bitch
Took some time to bitch about the occult with the Occult Bitch. 🙂 Snakes, scorpions, curses, and hair care tips. No, really!
Published By: The Occult Bitch
Folk Magick, Psalms, and Solomonic Conjure with Aaron Leitch by Balthazar
It’s all in the title. Great interview by Balthazar!
Published By: Balthazar’s Conjure
Solomonic Power Couple: Aaron and Carrie Leitch on Glitch Bottle
Carrie and I are the modern Dee and Kelley. I conjure the spirits, she skries them. We talk about our lives (and our history!) as a working magical couple.
Published By: Glitch Bottle
Magical Appropriation with Aaron Leitch and Rufus Opus on Glitch Bottle
I share the internet once again with Frater Rufus Opus, as we discuss the current (and absolutely senseless) controversy over “cultural appropriation” – especially where magick is concerned. Believe it or not, this was inspired by accusations that I, personally, was a cultural appropriator – for practicing the white European Solomonic Tradition!! You can’t make this stuff up, folks!
Published By: Glitch Bottle
Going Goetic: Ritual Offerings with Aaron Leitch on Glitch Bottle
Discussion about goetia and its practice. This was intended to lead to a practical discussion of how goetia is done, but we never actually got to that point – so keep an eye out for a part 2 to this one!
Published By: Glitch Bottle
Double Trouble with Aaron Leitch and Frater Rufus Opus on Glitch Bottle
I face off against that rapscallion Frater Rufus Opus in this no-holds-barred magical battle! (Or, two blow-hards tossing witty insults back and forth for no reason.)
Published By: Glitch Bottle
Aaron Leitch on Glitch Bottle: Part 1
Aaron Leitch on Glitch Bottle: Part 2

My very first interview with Alexander Eth on the Glitch Bottle Podcast! It was so lengthy, it had to be broken into two parts.
Published By: Glitch Bottle
Aaron Leitch Interview by Tony Valen on Healing From Within
I had a wonderful time discussing the Golden Dawn, Hermeticism, Spiritual Alchemy and much more. The guys who run this show are wonderful and I had a blast talking with them. They had never heard of the Golden Dawn before, so this was my chance to explain what the GD is all about, what we do, where we came from, etc. I also talk a little about the grimoires toward the end, and even talk some about Ochani Lele and his influence on me. Starts at about 29:00.
Published By: Healing From Within
Aaron Leitch Discusses the Essential Enochian Grimoire on Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole
It was great to be back with Andrieh and Jason on ‘Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole.’ This time we talked about Enochian mgaick. We mentioned the book, but most of the interview was dedicated to answering some of the more popular questions about Enochian and Dee and Kelley, and me giving some rather unexpected answers. lol
Published By: Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole
Interview with Aaron Leitch at Strange Files
This interview covers a lot of my personal history as an occultist, my work with the grimoires and my personal opinions on everything from Paganism to the Church of Satan. Strange Files is a Greek publication, but you can find an English translation of the interview toward the bottom of the page.
Published By: Strange Files
Sherry Shone Show – Special Guest Aaron Leitch
A podcast interview on Sherry Shone’s Tarot show. Much of this discussion was about my work with spirits and how they play into my practice of divination. However, since Sherry broadcasts from Colorado, we do a lot of talking about my origins as a Pagan in Denver.
Published By: Sherry Shone Show
Aaron Leitch Discusses Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires on Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole
A podcast interview about my book, Solomonic grimoires, angel magick and more!
Published By: Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole
Aaron Leitch Visits Occult Science Radio
in this podcast interview, me and the hosts cover all sorts of topics – mostly within the realm of the grimoires, voodoo, hoodoo and even a little bit of Santeria.
Published By: Occult Science Radio
The Angelical Language: An Interview with Aaron Leitch
Upon the release of my latest book(s) – The Angelical Language: Vols I and II – I was interviewed by Llewellyn Acquisitions Editor Elysia Gallo. I discuss the project and offer some descriptions of my upcoming work.
Published By: Llewellyn Blogs
Aaron Leitch – CC&G Interview
I was recently interviewed by Frater Abraxas, on his Internet Radio show Coffee, Cigarettes and Gnosis. The subjects were Solomonic magick, the origins of Hermeticism and the “how-tos” of Astral Travel. The above link will take you to a RapidShare download of the show. (In time, I’ll have the interview uploaded to YouTube.)
Published By: Coffee, Cigarettes and Gnosis
Aaron Leitch – Avalonia Interview
In the beginning of 2007, I was interviewed by Avalonia‘s Sorita D’Este about my magickal journey, Solomonic magick and my book Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires.
Published By: The Esoteric Book Review

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