Essays about Hermetics, Qabalah and Gnosticism

Enochiana: From Dee to the Golden Dawn
A lecture about the development of Enochian Magick from Dee’s original system to the Neo-Enochan system of the Golden Dawn, given at the Isis-Urania Temple of the HOGD
Published By: Hermetic Virtues Magazine, Vol 4, Ed 13
Enochiana: From Dee to the Golden Dawn Addendum
Important Corrections to the previous lecture.
Published By: Hermetic Virtues Magazine, Vol 4, Ed 14
Two Thrones for the Golden Dawn
An essay explaining the symbolic relationship between the Golden Dawn’s Neophyte Hall and the Pharaoh’s royal court of ancient Egypt. Includes an explanation of why the Golden Dawn does not place Horus upon the Throne of the East even in the New Aeon.
Published By: Hermetic Virtues Magazine, Vol 5, Ed 20
The Decad of Creation: Sacred Geometry upon the Tree of Life
This essay is an example of Ma’aseh Berishith – a meditation upon the Work of Creation outlined in the Book of Genesis. Drawing from Pythagorean philosophy and the Sepher Yetzirah, I discuss the Sacred Geometry of the Tree of Life and its relationship to the ten instances of “God said…” in the first chapter of Genesis.
Published By: Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
A Clarification of Geomancy for Golden Dawn Students
This short essay introduces both the traditional medieval and Golden Dawn systems of Geomancy in clear and easy to understand terms. Lots of diagrams for illustration.
Published By: Aaron Leitch’s Homepage
Astral Vision and Travel
This is a course in Astral Vision and Astral Travel. This has been a very successful astral travel course. Students often report positive results in a very short period.
Published By:
Meditation Basics: Calm-Abiding Meditation
This is a course in Calm-Abiding Meditation, the most important first step in the meditation process. This was originally written for a larger Hermetics course at, and has since been published in the Virutal Sanctuary of the Sanctuary of Ma’at Order of the Golden Dawn. Recently, it has appeared at on their meditation page.
Published By: The Sanctuary of Ma’at Order of the Golden Dawn.
Introduction to the Holy Tree of Life. (Mahaseh Berashith: the Work of Creation)
This is part one of a series of four classes on the Tree of Life in Western Hermetic Qabalah. Part One introduces the student to the concept of the Tree, Divine Emanation and the Circles of Heaven. It also includes a glossary for basic Qabalah.
Published By: Diamond Fire Magazine
Introduction to the Hebrew Alphabet
A beginner’s class on the Hebrew Alphabet- or “Aleph-Beth”- written for WitchSchool. It has some good information about the origins of the Hebrew alphabet and language.
Published By: Diamond Fire Magazine
Gnosticism: Sethian to Valentinian
Available at last! Originally, this was a series of articles for Gnostic Cross Magazine. Then converted into a two-part lecture series for a Hermetic Society. Finally, the two lectures have been combined into one essay available here. Intended as a simple overview of ancient Gnosticism and its various mythologies. Also in Romanian! : Gnosticism: De la Sethieni la Valentinieni <— NEW!
Published By: Gnostic Cross Magazine Diamond Fire Magazine Ocult-Ro
Shem haMephoresh: The Divine Name of Extension
Almost everything you’ve always wanted to know about the 72-lettered Name of God. Needs updated with some new info I’ve learned since publishing it, but still one of my better pieces.
Published By: The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Homepage, Contemporary Essays Diamond Fire Magazine
The Mage’s Guide to Adepthood part I (Silence)
The Mage’s Guide to Adepthood part II (Will)
The Mage’s Guide to Adepthood part III (Daring)

Some helpful hints for the aspireing mage- especially those of you trying to learn via the Internet.
Published By: Phantasmata Magazine
The Modern Western Occult Tradition
All about the modern occult revival.

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