My Favorite Blogs (Blogroll)

You may find me posting to some of these blogs, my work discussed on others and some of them just have good material of interest:

My Blog – where I do most of my posting these days. Follow this one for all my latest work, announcements, events, etc.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Blog
At long last, the HOGD has created a blog, with tons of awesome Hermetic and G.D. essays and information. Hosted by Tabatha Cicero herself, you’ll want to follow this one for sure!

Societas Rosicruciana in America Blog
Along with the awesome material you’ll find on the HOGD Blog, you will NOT want to miss Tabatha’s posts on the SRIAmerica blog.

The Ruby Rose and Golden Cross
Very rare! Musings on the Inner Order of RR et AC – you gotta see this one!

Nick Farrell’s Blog
‘The thoughts, rants and ramblings of Golden Dawn magician and writer’ – pretty much sums it up! Magic of the Ordinary
Deanna Bonds’ magical journey as an ‘Out of Order’ Maga.

Mishkan ha Echad: Quit the Night and Seek the Day!
Musings on the Western Mystery Tradition – Golden Dawn, Enochiana and more from Dean Wilson.

Light of a Golden Day
An attempt at blogging from Olen Rush, a Heretical Kabbalist and Student of the Mysteries.

Gareth Knight – News and ideas
Gareth Knight’s musings on the greater Western Mystery Tradition.

Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog
All things Tarot!

Flight of Hermes – a Golden Dawn Blog
A fascinating Golden Dawn blog by Soror FSO.

Gleamings From the Golden Dawn
A diverse and often humorous Golden Dawn blog by Morgan Drake Eskstien.

The Golden Handshake
Commentaries and new papers on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Head For the Red
Also diverse, also often humorous – this is a Hermetic and Neoplatonist blog by my longtime online-friend Frater Rufus Opus. Eye of the Sorcerer
The sorcerery blog of Brother Moloch, another online-friend of mine. He’s non-nonsense and often cantankerous so you know this is a good read! I wouldn’t call him a Solomonic sorcerer, but his work is often comparable to my own.

Strategic Sorcery Blog
By Frater Inominandum. Various posts about Sorcery from different perspectives. This one is hard to pin down – everything from tantra to chaos magick.

Papers Falling From an Attic Window
Dan Harms – author of the The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia. His blog covers all sorts of occult subjects, and he often reviews my work. And he’s NOT nice about it one bit! So that makes it well worth reading, IMO. 😉

Asterion’s Occult Art
One of those few-and-far-between traditional Solomonic mages – his blog is an absolute goldmine of grimoire magick and mysticism. If you click on this link, be prepared to spend some time reading and for a sudden desire to get up and try some of this stuff!.

Practical Solomonic Magic
Another blog from Asterion – but with a serious bent toward practical application. How to make tools, talismans, circles, oils, etc. Reviews of grimoires and more. Seriously, go here and click “follow.” I’ll wait for you to come back…

A Magician’s Workings
Bryan is a traditional Solomnic mage that approaches the grimoires strictly from the standpoint of their own cosmology. Along with his musings, he shares photos of his Solomonic tools, and they are beautiful to behold!

Imperial Arts Blog
Imperial Arts is another one of those true Solomonic sorcerers – with a focus on the Goetia.

The Key To Clavicula Salomonis
Musings about Solomonic Magick from a native Israeli who publishes in both English and Hebrew. He has a perspective on Solomonic mysticism that you just don’t want to overlook.

Aghor Pir – Musings of a Tantrik Sorceror
Another one of those diverse and often humorous blogs. This one is a great mix of Eastern and Western ideas.

Scarlet Imprint Blog
Scarlet Imprint, publisher of Solomonic and Sorcery books. Stuff from me, Jake Kent and others – what more could you want?

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